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Armed with a macro lens, an incredible eye for detail and a truly ground breaking vision, Lisa Johnson’s guitar art, is taking the world of fine art photography on a rock and roll ride. Far from still life, Lisa’s work conjures the abstract, yet also possesses a very sensual and ethereal feel that intentionally illustrates the intimate wear and tear details of the instrument. Her unique presentation undoubtedly personifies the musician and captures their true spirit in these wooden extensions of their own iconic flesh.

Her debut book entitled “108 RockStar Guitars” is slated for release in Fall of 2013 in which the foreword was written by Les Paul.

108 Rock Star Guitars is a compilation of photographer and author Lisa S. Johnson’s stunningly personal and intimate portraits of the cherished guitars owned by the gods of rock. It is a music and fine-art photography aficionado’s private backstage pass to witness up-close these six-stringed works of art. From the guitars of Les Paul to Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, Nancy Wilson, Bonnie Raitt, Chrissie Hynde, and many others, this ultra-luxe, coffee table photo book reveals through Johnson’s signature macrophotography style the intimate details, etchings, totems, and personal touches that embody the true spirit of the musician and that few save for their stage crew have seen from this perspective. Alongside these images, she provides personal anecdotes describing her 17-year journey to photograph these iconic instruments and documents her travels from the backstage hallways of some the world’s most famous concert venues, to the artist’s private homes. The former Kodak representative showcases a variety of the last film stock ever manufactured for Kodak Professional and the transition to digital, in her exquisite homage to image and music.